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Since 1972, the world on skis has provided its customers with the best ski packages they could possibly find. It has set the highest bar for ski vacations with the help of finest ski resorts situated in so many different countries which provide you with one of the best skiing experience ever. The world on Skis knows how to make a ski vacation possible, as well as how to make it special by offering its premium services to its customers. It gives you a chance to discover world’s renowned ski resorts with the perfect scenic location possible.

From time to time, the world on Skis offers ski lovers special ski vacation packages and makes them to fulfill their dream of a perfect ski vacation. It doesn’t only offer you domestic ski vacation package but also international ski packages, so that you can explore the world on skis, literally. Availing their special deals is so easy, because with just one phone call, you can have the promise to spend your vacation in the best way possible. Its chilling deals also help you to save more as it offers 10% discount while booking if you plan to pay in full. What else do you need?

Its special offers include the finest ski resorts situated in Italy, Switzerland, Austria and France. But other than this, you can get fully planned packages and know the details just by visiting their site.

The ongoing special deals, which include the countries mentioned above, provide a full fledge description of the vacation you would want to choose. There are 4 special offers if you want to choose Italy for your ski vacation. The finest ski resorts situated in Italy, which the world of Skis offer you, are Hotel Concordia Parc, Hotel Ancora, Hotel Larice Bianco and Hotel Courmayeur. These hotels provide you a premium experience for your ski vacation. The budget is mentioned on the website along with the other details, so that you can easily choose the right ski vacation package for yourself.

The ski vacation package including Hotel Concordia Parc, which is situated in Cortina, Italy provides you a private transfer from the Venice airport to the respective hotel, a 7 night accommodation including the buffet, breakfast as well as dinner. And other than this, the budget of this hotel includes the hotel tax as well as their services, which ultimately means that you will not have to worry throughout your ski vacation to pay for something. This is the type of a special offer which you wouldn’t want to miss if you are planning a ski vacation.

Without a doubt, the world on Skis has the best service as well as the best special offers for all the types of skiers, either beginner, intermediate or professional. You just have to choose the best ski package for yourself and enjoy your ski vacation to the fullest. Don’t wait and book your package now to avail these amazing ski vacation packages just through the world on skis.

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