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Sunshine Ski Resorts

Only 15 minutes from the Town of Banff, Sunshine Village is Canada’s highest altitude ski and snowboard resort. Located on the Continental Divide, Sunshine receives as much as nine metres (30 feet) of natural snow each season. Snow guns are rarely used here, and never on the runs. The dry ‘champagne’ powder has no need to be supplemented by man-made snow, eliminating the formation of ice for most of the season and confirms Sunshine as having ‘Canada’s Best Snow’.
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  • Sunshine Mountain Lodge

    Sunshine Mountain Lodge
  • Hiking
  • Snowshoe
  • Yoga
  • Nature Walks
  • Rocky Mountain Wine & Food Festival
  • Christmas Float Parade
  • Torchlight Parade
  • Shopping
  • Fine Dining
  • Spas

  • Within the boundaries of Sunshine Village Ski and Snowboard Resort, Sunshine Village Ski Patrol operates an extensive avalanche control program. Through a variety of methods, the ski patrollers protect skiers from the dangers of avalanches.
  • Outside the boundaries, no avalanche control is undertaken; it is your responsibility to educate yourselves on identifying the hazards and how to protect yourselves in Banff, Alberta's backcountry.

At Sunshine Village, we take guest and employee safety very seriously. Ski patrol and snow safety teams continuously seek to improve on our already excellent record.

It is important to realize that skiing and riding come with inherent risk. Remember to use common sense, personal awareness, appropriate behavior and general courtesy at all times.

Here are a few ideas to help ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable day at Sunshine Village:
  • Know and follow the Alpine Responsibility Code, and make sure friends and family do, too
  • Wear appropriate dress and eyewear
  • Conditions can change rapidly - visibility, temperature, snow conditions, sun exposure and wind
  • Start your season slowly and carefully. Most accidents occur in the early season and/or later in the ski day when you are tired. Be considerate of other people’s abilities in your group and avoid making the last run of the day overly challenging
  • Over-snow machines, such as snowmobiles and groomers, are required to operate the resort. Watch for route markings and always give these machines a wide berth. Watch careful for these machines at all times during the day and pay attention on all runs after the lifts have closed, as operators may not expect your presence.
  • Obey signage. Closed areas are NOT optional or “at your own risk.” People violating closures, slow skiing zones and other safety requirements may be immediately removed from the resort. Watch for changes in run status through the day, especially in the spring when isothermal avalanche closures are in effect
  • Jumping snow fences, ropes and hitting signage and bamboo can easily result in an injury to yourself or others. Offenders may be removed from the ski area without further warning
  • Pre-arrange a place to meet should you become separated from your friends or family
  • If you are unsure how to load or use a lift, please ask the operator. Pay attention, act safely and look behind and to the outside for the chair. Always follow the instructions of the operator
  • Infants and small children are NOT permitted to ride on chairlifts in a backpack. Load small children on the side of the operator and teach them to put their arm over the back of the seat immediately upon loading
  • Lifts stop for many reasons including guest miss-loads, wind, and mechanical/electrical reasons. Please be patient and stay in your chair. Jumping from lifts is prohibited
  • Collisions can seriously injure people. Give everyone enough space and moderate your speed in busy areas. Full awareness of your surroundings goes a long way in collision avoidance. If you witness a collision, please identify yourself to the ski patrol, either at the scene or at the ski patrol clinic in the Village
  • Helmets are highly recommended. They reduce the risk of injury and are lightweight, warm and comfortable
  • When skiing or riding in the trees or remote parts of the ski area, always have a partner
  • Should you come across an accident please help to control traffic and send for the ski patrol. Reports can be made to any lift station, staff member or by calling our Dispatch at (403) 762-6515. Provide as much detail on location (e.g. the run name or near what lift). It is also helpful if you can provide a description of the injured person’s clothing. Crossing your skis above an accident site is a widely recognized indicator of a person needing assistance
  • Anyone who leaves the area boundary is entering unsupervised backcountry and should understand the risks involved. There is no ski patrol or avalanche control beyond the area boundary. Backcountry hazards exist at all times. Always have avalanche and other safety equipment and know how to use it. Backcountry and weather information is posted at the Day lodge entrance and the base of Goat’s Eye lift. Remember, just because you see other people's tracks outside the ski area boundary, this does not necessarily mean it is safe to follow
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