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Bormio Ski Resorts

Bormio, with nearly 2000 years of history, has established itself as a tourist region for more than a century. Visit the area where Leonardo da Vinci once said, "at the top of the Valtellina there are mountains always covered with snow and the Roman Baths". Located near the Stelvio Pass and the Ortler-Cevedale mountain range, Bormio is close to the Swiss border yet remains the most Italian of Italian ski resorts. The Via Roma with its characteristic little shops and frescos on the walls of its houses constitutes the heart of Bormio. In the center of town there are many sights to see, including 13th to 16th century buildings that give the town its medieval charm. An important Skiing Region and famous for the Alpine Ski World Cup Races, Bormio offers skiers every type of activity from winter sports to the ancient Roman Baths with their thermal waters. If shopping is your sport, visit Livigno for its famous duty free shopping and skiing.
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    Hotel Larice Bianco
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    Hotel Baita Dei Pini
Peak To Creek
  • Join the event Peak to Creek, a peculiar and unique race: 1800 meters of vertical drop, 30 directional gates only to give you trace and the paired up start. It does not matter if your time will be 5 or 30 minutes. The only thing that counts here is enjoying this fantastic ski run and once you will get down to the bottom, the satisfaction will be huge! You start from Cima Bianca (3012 mt) and you get all the way down to Bormio (1225 mt), at the bottom of the famous ''World Cup'' slope, the Stelvio.
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  • Apres Ski (Pub)

Attention! The freeride areas are to be considered off-slope. Enter those areas at your own risk. Follow these simple rules of conduct to enter the freeride zones with more awareness and safety.
  • Freeride is an extreme sport. This means it is only addressed to expert skiers/snowboarders, adequately geared and prepared for self-rescue on avalanche.
  • If you don’t know the two freeride zones we advise you to go with a mountain guide (tel. +39 348 8747912) or a ski instructor (tel. +39 0342/902183).
  • Before you enter the off-piste area always check the avalanche bulletin which you will find on our website or on the maps situated at the starting point and arrival of the cableway Bormio-Bormio 2000. Remember that already with a level 3-considerable the risk of avalanche is possible and especially on drop off. Be careful and move with caution even when the danger level is 1 or 2. Travel strongly not recommended when the level is 4.
  • Mandatory gear: freeride skis or snowboard, ARTVA, backpack, drill and shovel. Helmet is well-recommended! A very snowy area is only apparently safe. It can hide a lot of hazardous like hidden rocks or trees. The ARTVA has to be worn with its case close to the body or in a pocket perfectly zipped up. Do not forget to do an ARTVA check in Bormio 2000 and be always well-trained with the use of ARTVA, drill and shovel.
  • It is mandatory to re-enter the slopes only from the given trail as indicated on the maps. The freerider can’t ever re-enter the slopes out of the given trail.
  • The person who enters the two freeride zones must take up his/her responsibilities which can derive from the practice of this sport and discharge Società Impianti Bormio from any kind of responsibility civil or criminal, as a consequence of injuries or illnesses caused to himself/herself or to a third party within the freeride area.
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